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  • We will ensure that your application is thoroughly checked and submitted to the U.S. government error-free. 
  • We advise you on how to proceed from the application stage to securing membership approval. 
  • We are a private company not affiliated with the government. 
  • We charge a fee for our application form service. 
  • You can apply directly with the government at a lower cost on the official website however, you will find it much easier to apply using our fast and easy form and first-class support service. 
  • As a part of our service, all our customers receive a free application submission after we have thoroughly prepared and checked your application form.


If you choose to use Global Travel Forms there are two fees you must pay:

$139.99 / Our service fee for checking and processing your application and guiding you through the membership process.

FREE / Free Application submission.

$100.00 /Government fee for background and security checks. The Global Program is a low risk pre-cleared traveler program designed to keep the United States borders safe whilst allowing low-risk travelers to expedite their entry through immigration and customs on reentry into the US after an international flight.

$239.99 per person for 5 years membership


U.S. government agencies want to be sure that our borders are kept safe and that everyone using the designated kiosk is a low-risk traveler.

They conduct stringent checks on every applicant with a variety of government agencies including law enforcement, immigration, and customs.

These checks take time – the current average waiting time for Global Pass processing to the conditional approval stage is 6 months.


Our first-class service is unrivaled. If you apply directly you will not receive any support or guidance through the complex application process. Our service fee ensures that your application is submitted error-free and has the maximum chance of acceptance with the U.S. border agency.

Your application is thoroughly checked and filed error-free within 24 hours of receiving your PayPal payment. If any data is missing we let you know.

As a part of our service, all of our customers receive a free application submission after we have thoroughly prepared and checked your application form.

We create your login profile and file your application on the government’s trusted travel program database.

We pay the government fee for your background and security checks using the card listed on your application form.

We send you your login details and information on how to take ownership of your application.

We’re here for you throughout the Global Pass process.


Wonderful Service

Worth every cent!!! I hate filling out forms and it was so much easier having you people do it all for me. I originally tried myself but honestly, I don’t have this kind of time to waste. I got my interview invitation in 3 months and from then on it was plain sailing.

Charles Baker

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Many Thanks

Many thanks for your very helpful service.
I’m an assistant to a busy team of traveling executives. It was so good to be able to fill out your fast, easy form and then leave the rest to you guys.

Alicia Davis

Cumming, Georgia, USA

Great Services

I wanted to write you about the assistance you gave me. I didn’t find the login process with the government very straightforward and found myself making errors all the time, so it was good to have your guidance and support – thank you.

Ali Osman

Los Angeles, CA, USA


We offer paid-assistance service specializing in Trusted Traveler application form filing.

Please familiarize yourself with our terms of service before appointing us to file your Trusted Traveler application.

We are a private company not a United States government agency. We are not associated with any United States government agency.

We cannot influence the outcome of your approval or denial to a trusted traveler program.


We set up your security profile;

We meticulously check your data

Additional information alerts

Free application submission

Get to ’Pending Review’ stage within 48 hours

Security login information to take control of your profile

Assistance with interview scheduling

Assistance with denied applications

Security & data privacy


We provide refunds  within 24 hours.

If you have reason to believe you qualify for a refund, please email us immediately at [email protected]

We are not liable for anything above our service fee;

Please note: We cannot refund the mandatory U.S. government fee ($100).

If you believe that you are due a refund, please e-mail: [email protected] with the subject line: Name of Applicant: Refund